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Jul 16, 2022

In this episode of Life at the Ballpark you'll hear from 3rd generation baseball "Lifer" Mike Berger. 

Mike is currently a scout for the Milwaukee Brewers and previously was a Farm Director. He's played in every baseball league other than the American and National League. He was also offered the manager's job for the Florida Marlins but turned it down because he thought he wasn't ready for that level yet.

Mike’s father worked for the legendary Branch Rickey who created the baseball farm system, was minor league general manager, and PR director for the Pirates, and was involved with the company that created the first batting helmets. He was also the first person to greet the future Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente after he landed in the USA.

Mike's grandfather was the artist who designed the World Series program for the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

You'll love hearing the fantastic stories Mike shares in this episode of Life at the Ballpark.

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