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Jun 8, 2022

What does it take to persevere through the ups and downs of life? How do you make it in business through the setbacks that can leave you discouraged and feeling like giving up?

In this episode, you'll hear from Mike Capps who's watched many young baseball players come up through the Minor Leagues during his 22 seasons announcing over 3,000 games for the Texas Rangers AAA team, the Round Rock Express.  During this time he's learned to spot the "Grinders." These are the young athletes who he can tell were never going to give up. Many of them ended up bouncing back and forth between the minors and the big leagues. You'd see them in the box scores but then they would disappear to AAA or even AA. But it's these ball players who Mike's grandfather called "the engine that drives baseball's bus."

We all can learn so much about success in life from baseball's Grinders. How to persevere through the challenging ups and downs of life pursuing a dream that you just can't shake.

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Grinders: Baseball's Intrepid Infanty

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