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May 4, 2021

Robert Ford has been doing radio play by play for the Houston Astros since 2013, when Astros were in the process of losing 100 games three years in a row.    The team followed that with three consecutive 100 win seasons in the same decade, the only team to ever do that.   

Robert shares about growing up a Mets’ fan in the Bronx where all the other neighborhood kids were rooting for the Yankees.  He tells how he learned about baseball because his mother, a school teacher, encouraged his reading and he wanted to prove to his schoolmates that he really knew baseball.  He talks about his all time favorite call of Alex Bregman’s walk-off RBI single in Game 5 of the 2017 World Series.   

Robert tells stories from his father’s days a pioneer in Hip Hop music, first as a writer at Billboard magazine, then as a producer.  He shares about how Hip Hop developed in Harlem from the Disco music scene, and being in the studio with his dad Rocky Ford and meeting Run-DMC, Curtis Blow, and the Beastie Boys.